Executive Coach, Mary Cioffi

Empower Your Executive Journey

In an evolving work world, discover strategies to help build, nurture, and thrive with cohesive teams, even in remote environments.

Mary Cioffi, Executive Coach

Unified Company Culture

Enhance work relationships and communication. Create a united, goal-driven culture that resonates company-wide.

Root-Cause Analysis

Uncover underlying reasons for under-performance and create solutions. Address challenges head-on for lasting results.

Leverage Team Strengths

Recognize and utilize individual employee strengths. Boost productivity, satisfaction, and team balance.

Are you making the best use of your time?

Executives have a lot to do. An executive coach is one more tool in your arsenal to help implement strategies that help your company grow. Without the right coach, you might be struggling to find the time to solve some of these problems.

Unrealized team potential?

Struggling to retain talent?


Lack of team cohesion?

It’s about fostering real connection, focus, and accountability in your teams. Mary Cioffi partners with executives to bridge the gaps, ensuring that ‘work from anywhere’ translates to ‘thrive from anywhere’.

Guiding Executives Towards Success & Balance

With a keen understanding that a successful executive journey encompasses both career and life, Mary integrates her expertise in executive, career, and life coaching to drive holistic growth.

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An Executive Coach With Real Corporate Experience

In the blink of an eye, the workplace landscape transformed, challenging the very essence of team dynamics and collaboration. Feelings of disconnection, distractions, and the paradox of isolation in a connected world are becoming more prevalent. 

Driven by a passion to bridge this gap, after decades working in the corporate world, Mary established First Mate Life Coach. Her mission? To help leaders and individuals navigate these uncharted waters, uncover the root causes of team underperformance, and harness individual strengths to fuel productivity and satisfaction.

As an Executive Coach, ICF, and Certified MentorCoach, Mary leverages her past experience to bring about transformative change, fostering genuine connections and cultivating a unified, mission-driven company culture. 

You Deserve The Intangibles That Money Can't Buy

Your time is valuable. The best executive coaches can help you learn strategies to manage specific problems. And, if you’re not sure where the problem is, a coach can help with that too. Then, you can spend your time on execution — RESULTS

As your executive coach, Mary provides you and your employees the tools to assess what’s going on, realize fully what it means, and change what isn’t working.

Coaching Services

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Executive Coaching

Learn strategies that deliver results

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Life & Career Coaching

Achieve the results you deserve


Mary Cioffi, Executive Coach

Client Reviews

I believe our ability to introspect improves and we course correct ourselves in many areas of life. While that is good, it is also true that it becomes hard to change oneself and overcome bad habits, biases, etc. For years I would listen to inspirational talks, read self-help books and articles, etc. While those inspire one in the moment, they seldom help with making long term changes.

Enter Mary! I loved the approach of first identifying my top 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses and then coming up with a plan to work on those while also making sure they are in line with my overall goals and daily to-do’s. This is work in progress, but I feel I will be able to enhance my strengths and overcome my weaknesses, with Mary’s help. A structured approach, with someone who can keep you honest is the right way to work on oneself.

Mary’s industry experience is a huge plus. I would highly recommend Mary for your coaching needs!

5 star review for life coach services
Pavan K
President/Founder - IT Consultant Firm

3 Steps Towards Company Growth

Mary makes it easy to get your company on track

1. Get to Know Mary

Schedule a complimentary discovery call and speak with Mary to learn how she can help you and your company .

2. Onboarding & Assessment

After your initial discussion, Mary will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint specific areas of opportunity within your team and leadership dynamics.

3. Grow Your Company

Collaboratively tackle challenges, execute actionable strategies, and experience profound shifts that resonate with your vision for leadership and team harmony.

Mary's Promise To You

Mary gets to know you and your employees individually, so you can have personalized solutions that make your lives easier.

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Improve Teamwork

Build and retain a talented team that works well together.

Graphic that says "LEVERAGE"

Leverage Strengths

Identify and leverage each employee's strengths.

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Save Time

Stop struggling to handle it all and spend your time effectively.

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Simple Strategies

Plans fail. That's why we deliver strategies that get results.

Know you need a change, but not sure what?

Easily find the problem! Download the Pillars of a Balanced Life worksheet to rate your life from 1 to 10 in ten unique categories.