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Not Psyched to Have a Committed Relationship?

By Mary Cioffi

Committed Relationship Title

Not Psyched to Have a Committed Relationship?

Turns out you are in good company.

According to a 2019 article published in the Washington Post more and more people are postponing marriage and are choosing the single life. A survey done by the University of Chicago provided the stats for the piece and the results may surprise you. Of those surveyed between the ages of 18 and 34, a full 51% were single. And that number was trending up, the same survey having reported the number was just 33% in 2004.

Many people are intentionally delaying marriage and having children. More than ever, people are content just being in a committed relationship. So why is this happening? Well, you can chalk some of it up to more diversity and inclusion (despite the lingering pay gap) in the workforce. Other causes include the progress of science in the field of fertility and increased accessibility to these services. Another factor is the general “coming of age”  in America. We are now recognizing once popular societal norms like the typical 1950’s housewife and breadwinner model, are well, not really so normal at all.

Still, many of those from a related 2017 study reporting they wanted to get hitched but remained single, stated the reason as just not having found the right person yet.

Whatever the case may be, don’t despair because even though you may  feel left out at times, if you are single by choice or for another reason, you are in a very popular and growing club.  Keep in mind your married pals may be the exception. Learning more about this and about your place in this “tunnel of love” can be challenging, but for now, just know that you are in good company and you can choose the direction you want to take with love and commitment. Whatever it is you can be happy and fulfilled. And don’t rush it!

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