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Executive coaching services from Mary Cioffi

Improve Team Communication

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You Have Enough to Worry About Running Your Company

If you’re like most leaders, you’re struggling now more than ever to retain talent and align teams. The changing work environment has shaken things up. Now, you might share these common frustrations.

Low employee engagement?

Employees lack accountability?

Team communication issues?

High employee turnover?

It’s becoming more challenging for leaders to maintain productivity, accountability, and team cohesion while adapting to new work dynamics. It’s stressful, takes away your time, and leads to more turnover. You’re not alone.

Your employees should share your mission

Why Executive Coaching?

As an experienced professional, I offer executive coaching services that help uncover the root causes of under-performance and address challenges faced by executives and their teams.

My approach focuses on finding long-term solutions and leveraging each employee’s strengths to enhance productivity, job satisfaction, and work-life balance.

Together, we will improve work relationships, team alignment, and cross-functional communication, fostering a united, goal-driven company culture. Let’s unlock the benefits of executive coaching and drive lasting success.

3 Steps To Start Executive Coaching Services

Mary makes it easy to get your company on track

1. Get to Know Mary

Schedule a complimentary discovery call and speak with Mary to learn how she can help you and your company .

2. Onboarding & Assessment

After your initial discussion, Mary will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to pinpoint specific areas of opportunity within your team and leadership dynamics.

3. Grow Your Company

Collaboratively tackle challenges, execute actionable strategies, and experience profound shifts that resonate with your vision for leadership and team harmony.

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Hear From My Clients

I believe our ability to introspect improves and we course correct ourselves in many areas of life. While that is good, it is also true that it becomes hard to change oneself and overcome bad habits, biases, etc. For years I would listen to inspirational talks, read self-help books and articles, etc. While those inspire one in the moment, they seldom help with making long term changes.

Enter Mary! I loved the approach of first identifying my top 5 strengths and 5 weaknesses and then coming up with a plan to work on those while also making sure they are in line with my overall goals and daily to-do’s. This is work in progress, but I feel I will be able to enhance my strengths and overcome my weaknesses, with Mary’s help. A structured approach, with someone who can keep you honest is the right way to work on oneself.

Mary’s industry experience is a huge plus. I would highly recommend Mary for your coaching needs!

5 star review for life coach services
Pavan K
President/Founder - IT Consultant Firm

Unlock The Benefits of Executive Coaching

You might be struggling to keep employees engaged and promote loyalty in a post-pandemic world.

As your strategic executive coach, I’ll provide you with the tools you need to build successful teams that last.

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Know you need a change, but not sure what?

Easily find the problem! Download the Pillars of a Balanced Life worksheet to rate your life from 1 to 10 in ten unique categories.